After the maintenance is very important

AUTHOR : Date : 2017/8/7 20:22:15

After the maintenance is very important


Come summer, rain rain continued to decrease temperature around the city, people are comfortable, lovely car experienced wind and rain affected by a crime. The rain has stopped,it is time to do the maintenance of the car, or the car lights not bright moldy, other symptoms may come to you.


The first step in vehicle dehumidifier


In fact, dehumidification work when it rains you should do. When it rains should open air, it not only can remove the fog, and dehumidification function. Ring wave automotive pressure relief valve that the rain has stopped it must pay attention to the accumulation of moisture, to get rid of as soon as possible, otherwise easy to mildew and other conditions. The car in addition tothe air conditioner dehumidification, it is best to buy a simple dehumidification box, so the carinterior overnight after damp. In addition the car put a roll of toilet paper, also have the dehumidifying effect.


In addition to the door after welding and welding of vehicle body part is easy to rust corrosion,the interior of the door hinge, lock and iron parts caused by the door trim cover, also easy to be affected with damp, so the owners can find a cool place in sunny days, all the doors andtrunk lid open, let the moisture inside the car exhaust then, ventilation, foot pad, chair coverthe car down, washing to dry.


The second step in the car sterilization


Summer rain because of factors such as temperature, easy to breed a variety of bacteria, is particularly important so the disinfection and sterilization of the space inside the car. Ringwave automotive pressure relief valve should be focused on cleaning the place seat, air-conditioning outlet, control panel and around the corner. You can use the professional carinterior cleaning, use dry cloth to wipe. When cleaning the console, to prevent the cleaning agent into CD, speaker, radio and other electrical equipment corrosion and electrical components.


The third step chassis maintenance


High summer temperatures, coupled with rain, chassis vulnerable, exhaust gas, dust, noise,moisture from the small hole in the chassis into the body, make the body corrosion,exfoliation. Therefore, after the heavy rain to do some maintenance work on the chassis.


In addition to a simple cleaning, chassis seals model is a good choice. It can make thechassis is isolated from the outside world, achieve anticorrosive, antirust, the sound insulation function, prolong the life of the body. Chassis seals model prior to the use of special detergent to remove the chassis on the adhesion of asphalt, oil, and dry, ring wave automotive pressure relief valve that any stains will affect the sealing plastics firm. Sealed plastic, but also on thetransmission system and the exhaust system heat sealed plastic shelter, so as not to affectnormal operation of these units.

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