wild horses successfully modified external pressure relief valve!

AUTHOR : Date : 2017/8/7 20:06:24

wild horses successfully modified external pressure relief valve!


Pressure relief valve has been a part of the turbine car can not be missing. When you from the other riders brushed, blowing a whistle is not beautiful, feel how cock!!!! Lead to the rate of passers-by, there is no feeling how arrogant!!!! This is the reason, the ring car pressure relief valve has been obsessed with the sound pressure relief valve, but most turbine chose the internal leakage! Want to show the students have to own their own modification, and finally let me successfully get the pressure relief valve on the wild horses! It is small!


OK, well, ring wave automotive pressure relief valve to look at the science knowledge!


To know a discharge valve!


For the role of the pressure relief valve there are a lot of saying that the protection of the valve or turbine. But now there is no engine throttle, throttle protection certainly doesn't fully explain the; as regards the protection of turbine, in fact, when the boost pressure is too big when, first, is certainly the combustion air intake and cylinder assembly, therefore, to protect the turbine can only be regarded as an additional role.


In fact, for all the work of the original pressure, the pressure protection is the most basic elements. Pressure relief valve is the intake pipe pressure control below the limit, the limit should not only consider the engine needs, also want to consider the intake components can withstand the pressure range.


Like our pressure cooker, above, there are several safety valve, its purpose is to control the pressure in the cooker unapt too high and exploded. At the beginning of the pressure cooker only 1 valve, but often excessive pressure caused the explosion of things. Later pressure cooker to increase the other kinds of insurance valve, the current pressure cooker is basically over 3 insurance.


Boost the engine, whether it is turbocharged and mechanical booster, are required to vent valve. The ring - wave vehicle pressure relief valve said only due to the turbocharger provided by the turbocharger is difficult to directly control and modification of the car more than the use of turbo booster and thus more familiar to the public. In the absence of relief pressure valve turbocharged engine, a big boost pressure will birth more power, more exhaust to drive a turbine more high speed, and thus produce more intake, so the cycle, turbine spinning faster and faster, the body of the turbine and the engine will have destructive consequences. Therefore, in a sense, the role of the relief valve is also the throttle valve (we usually said throttle), the number of control intake.


In addition, when we rush to the throttle, the throttle valve closed, but the turbocharger did not stop working, the ring car pressure relief valve to remind especially the turbocharger. Because of inertia, the turbine remains in the tens of thousands per minute turn over high-speed rotation, the air is still a steady stream of compression into the intake pipe in, if in the intake pipe in this part of the high-pressure air can not be discharged in time, it will make the air intake pipe pressure increased rapidly, it is possible to cause throttle valve damage or intake pipes burst, and some models in the intake pipe burst will because of the difficulty of accurate measurement of air flow and criples.


In the above said a lot of the role of pressure relief valve, in fact, for different roles, the use of the type of pressure relief valve, principle and installation are not the same. Overall, turbocharged engine as an example (supercharged machine there is no pressure exhaust and decompression), pressure relief valve for exhaust pressure relief valve and the air inlet pressure relief valve, which have their own leakage type and the vent type two kinds, they are installed between the cooler and throttle valve.


Internal arrangement


Most of the original turbocharger with internal exhaust valve, due to the original car pressurization value is generally low, so the discharge of the pressure valve volume is generally smaller, less ordinary. As the gas discharged from the inner relief valve is still back in the air pipeline, there will be some leakage pressure phenomenon, the turbocharger work efficiency has a great negative impact. And plastic materials easy to aging, in the engine compartment is easy to deformation, the use of life greatly reduced.


Efflux type


External circulating type air inlet relief pressure valve is to solve this problem arises, ring wave automotive relief pressure valve said due to leakage of air pressure relief valve to return the excess gas discharged directly into the atmosphere, there is no pressure relief the problem can effectively improve the work efficiency of the turbocharger, so as to improve the power output of the engine performance. But when installed if the pressure relief and proofreading, premature, the throttle valve is not closed when the pipeline is full of high pressure gas is exhausted in advance, resulting in pressurization values can not reach the normal level, caused by the power of the output loss. If the pressure relief proofreading too late, closed throttle after pipe in high pressure gas can not be discharged in time. It even leads damage to the turbocharger.